Elevate Classic

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Elevate Classic

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E8 Classic
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E8 Cruiser
71cm Mast
92cm Mast
Product Description
The Elevate Classic exemplifies timeless elegance and dependable performance. Crafted from premium fiberglass, this board delivers an exceptional combination of flexibility and durability. Renowned for its excellent shock-absorbing properties, fiberglass guarantees a smoother ride, even in challenging water conditions.
  • Mast : 28”(71cm) / 36” (92cm)
  • Wing : Front Wing 1300 / Rear Wing 310
  • Board : Size:5'28"x 28"
    Volume 100 litres Max Speed
  • Battery Capacity : 42 AH
  • Battery duration : up to 60 min
  • Charging duration : 135 min
  • Maximum Speed : 46 km/h (28mph)
  • Rated Power : 1300 w
  • Maximum output power : 3900 w
  • Weight : 31.75 (with 13kg battery)

3 in 1 Water Machine

The Efoil

Fly above the water with ease and excitement using Elevate Efoils. Click and go for a seamless experience with our easy controller, offering varying speeds at your fingertips. Designed for all ages, our boards, masts, and wings make foiling simple. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to take care of.

Customize your setup to match your skill level and preferences:

Beginners: Classic or Cruiser models for stability and confidence.
Intermediate to Advanced: Cruiser or Pro models for enhanced speed and agility.

The E-Ski

Connect the sleek carbon fibre handlebars for an entirely new water adventure. With control at your fingertips, the ergonomic handlebars house the controller, giving you full command over your speed. Within minutes, you'll be up and flying.

Launching from the beach, jetties, or boats is a breeze, and you won't even get your hair wet. Safety is our priority – we've rigorously tested the handlebars to ensure smooth and easy landings. (Cruiser Model Only)

Towing Machine (NEW)

The TOW is in BETA mode; we are yet to explore all the possibilities of this fantastic new feature. Elevate allows you to swap propulsion system direction, and the efoil no longer lifts out of the water but uses the power to pull you through the water. Connect your favourite tow rope to the mast, and you are ready to press go on the controller. Power up your surfboard, wakeboard or foils. (All Models)

The Board

The Elevate Cruiser and Pro models are the embodiment of speed, agility, and stability. These efoil boards are constructed with high-grade carbon fiber - a material revered for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. The carbon fiber construction ensures a durable, lightweight board that can withstand rigorous usage while delivering an unparalleled smooth ride.

The Elevate Classic is the epitome of timeless elegance and reliable performance. Constructed with high-quality fiberglass, this board offers a superb blend of flexibility and durability. Fiberglass is renowned for its excellent shock-absorbing properties, ensuring a smoother ride even in challenging water conditions.

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71cm Mast

Our 71cm mast height is the best all round length for eFoiling and suits people seeking a quick learning curve and stability. If you will ride your Elevate in rougher conditions then our longer 92cm mast will provide extra height for this.

92cm Mast

Our 92cm mast is best for more experienced riders or those who plan to ride in rougher ocean conditions as opposed to flat water areas. The extra height gives additional clearance above waves but it also makes the eFoil more unstable when riding at its high position.

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E8 Classic Wing

Whether you're a novice or an expert seeking a multi-purpose wing set, our Classic wing set ticks all the boxes. It's designed for balance and efficiency, perfect for covering extended distances or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise on the water. With an excellent combination of speed and manoeuvrability, it's adaptable to a variety of riding styles.

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E8 Pro Wing

The Pro wing set is engineered for optimal efficiency and battery longevity, but it's not for those who are timid. Elevate recommends that only those with substantial experience should try this wing set due to the greater skill level required. However, for those brave enough to take up the challenge, the Pro wing set can elevate your riding to unseen levels.

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E8 Cruiser Wing

If you're a heavier rider seeking a more stable, fluid riding experience, the Cruiser wing set is your perfect match. Owing to its larger size and lower top speed, it offers extra lift and stability, making it excellent for cruising and relaxed rides. But don't be deceived by its leisurely pace – this wing set still promises an exciting ride.

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Engineered specifically for challenging marine conditions, our custom-made lithium-ion battery is designed to endure.

Its longevity is impressive, with a potential runtime of up to an hour, dependent on the rider's weight and cruising speed. Safeguarded within a robust, IP68-rated waterproof casing, this battery ensures reliable performance while offering safe and effortless transportation and installation. With Elevate's high-performance batteries, your ride is uninterrupted, and your adventure, limitless.

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Which eFoil is right for you?

Elevate Cruiser


Elevate Classic


Elevate Pro


Warranty 1+1*

You have complete control of your warranty. Up to 2 years can be added to your new Elevate Efoil.
All efoils come with one year as standard. The warranty can be upgraded to 2 years for an additional $200. The battery is covered by 300 cycles.