Welcome to Elevate eFoils

Welcome to Elevate Efoils, where passion for water sports meets innovation. Our story begins on the breathtaking East Coast of Australia, where two best mates embarked on a mission to revolutionize hydrofoil riding.

Driven by a deep love for the ocean and a desire to push the boundaries, our founders delved into meticulous research and design. The result? An extraordinary 3-in-1 efoil board that will transform the way you interact with the water.

Introducing the Elevate Classic, Elevate Cruiser, and Elevate Pro – a trio of masterfully crafted boards designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights. Each model embodies unique features that cater to riders of all levels and preferences.

With Elevate Efoils, we aspire to share our passion for the ocean with the world and invite you to join us on an exhilarating adventure. Glide above the water's surface with unmatched precision and speed, and embrace the freedom of hydrofoil riding.

Our philosophy is simple – to combine innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a love for the ocean to deliver an unmatched hydrofoil experience. With every board we craft, we strive to ignite a sense of wonder and empower riders to unleash their potential on the water.

Join us on this thrilling quest, where the waves meet innovation, and adventure knows no bounds. Let the sea become your playground, and let Elevate Efoils elevate your connection with the water. Welcome to the future of hydrofoil riding – Elevate Efoils.

Our eFoil isn't just built to withstand the elements, it's designed to thrive in them. Rigorously tested to endure the harshest oceanic environments, the Elevate eFoil combines rugged durability with a lightweight design, enabling you to experience the thrill of eFoiling with an unmatched ease of use.

Pricing and affordability have been key focal points in our design and distribution strategy. We've worked tirelessly to bring you a high-quality, premium eFoil that's more affordable than most models on the market. To maintain these affordable rates, we've opted for batch production, initially releasing our eFoils in Australia, the United States, and Europe. To secure an Elevate eFoil, all that's needed is a small upfront deposit of $250. This deposit is refundable and assures your eFoil at our introductory price.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the sale. With our global support and warranty network, we ensure you enjoy uninterrupted eFoiling year-round. We stand by our product and our customers, today and in the years to come.

As a customer-oriented company, we have chosen transparency over conventional crowdfunding platforms. We want to establish a relationship of trust with you right from the start. By requesting a refundable deposit, we aim to be upfront about our manufacturing constraints and, in doing so, ensure that your experience with us is as seamless as it is enjoyable.

Elevate eFoils is not just about delivering a product; we're about creating an unforgettable experience. Our mission is to bring you years of joy as you explore the oceans with our eFoil, and we're here for the long haul.

Welcome to the Elevate eFoils family - where the sky meets the sea, and dreams take flight. Join us in this exhilarating journey of discovery and adventure. We look forward to crafting your eFoiling story, one ride at a time.